Monday, May 3, 2010

Carnival Cruise 2010 Day 4

Day 4 - We had a lazy morning as we didn’t have to really be anywhere today. We rented a car in Cape Canaveral and went to Merritt Island National Seashore and National Wildlife Refuge and to Canaveral National Seashore. We drove the Black Point Wildlife loop and saw all species of birds, and we saw a few alligators as well. We also saw a few manatees at Haulover Canal. We then drove to Playalinda Beach, but we didn’t stay very long as it wasn’t warm enough. We spent a good part of our day in the park and it was great weather. It was a nice break from being on the cruise. The town of Titusville was very small, but there was a delicious bakery called Sunrise Bread Co. that we stopped at to get some cookies for the duration of our trip. As a side note; that’s one thing that is lacking on the Carnival Pride; a bakery. The desserts at dinner have all been wonderful, but for the buffets and for anytime snacks, they lack yummy pastries. Of course, if you really want the large, yummier cookies, you have to pay $2.50 for one of those. Before we returned our car, we stopped off at Ron Jon Surf shop to browse around. It’s a ‘must go to’ store in Cocoa Beach, FL. We got back on the ship in time to rest and get ready for dinner. After dinner we went and see Family Face Off. It was like a family feud. After the feud was bingo, and then another late night show from the Pride Dancers. It wasn’t the best show of the week thus far, so we left. Tonight at 11:30 p.m. there was a Mexican buffet, so Ellen and I did the only natural thing to do; eat. We weren’t even hungry. We then did the worst thing you could do after eating a meal; go to bed. When we arrived back in the cabin, we had a towel-monkey-animal hanging from our light.

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